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4 facts to know about scalp micropigmentation
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4 facts to know about scalp micropigmentation


Hair loss can affect any person at any time. Although it’s largely considered a male disease, hair loss happens in women too. Taking into account that one person in every 100 is affected, it’s safe to say that there are many hair sufferers out there. Are you one of them? If you’re looking for an alternative to hair restoration, then you should try scalp micropigmentation (medical hairline tattoo). Okay, okay, you don’t know what scalp micropigmentation is?.

What you need to know is that scalp micropigmentation is a treatment by which pigments are applied to the scalp to imitate the natural appearance of the hair follicles. The great thing is that this treatment is non-surgical and it can change the lives of men and women alike. Actually, there are many things that you don’t know about scalp micropigmentation. Here are the top 5 facts.    

1.     The aim of scalp micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation was developed in order to treat scalp and hair conditions. The most advanced technology is used in order to create the illusion of thicker hair. It can be argued that it’s a permanent hair concealer. The aim of medical hairline tattooing is to create a realistic look by injecting hundreds of tiny dots of pigments below the remote layer of the scalp. The procedure may sound painless but, in reality, it isn’t. to fairly replicate the natural appearance of the hair follicles, specialists use between 3 and 4 shades of pigment.        

2.     You need to find an experienced scalp micropigmentation technician

The technicians who carry out this kind of cosmetic procedure undergo hours of intense training so as to be able to provide adequate results. Besides commitment to professional development, scalp micropigmentation technicians are required to respect quality control. To be sure that the professional you choose for the procedure is suitable, check their client portfolio. The pictures will give you an idea of the technician’s skilfulness. Equally important is to consider for how long the person has been in business.

3.     Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t fade away

Contrary to popular opinion, medical hairline tattooing doesn’t fade away. While it’s true that the tattoo will lose its colour, it doesn’t happen right away. To be more precise, the scalp micropigmentation fades away after a couple of years.  If the process is properly managed, then you don’t have any reason to be concerned. The ‘new’ look will remain fresh for a long time. What you need to understand is that the cosmetic treatment is permanent. Those who are unhappy with the way that they look can visit their treating technician for touch-ups.

4.     Scalp micropigmentation can be used with other solutions

The great news is that scalp micropigmentation can be used together with other modern hair restoration techniques. For example, people who are in the habit of wearing wigs or hairpieces can hide their patches of baldness thanks to this innovative treatment for hair loss. There are plenty of options when it comes to concealing hair loss yet none of them is as effective as scalp micropigmentation.