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5 Funky Hair Color Ideas
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5 Funky Hair Color Ideas

Hair trends in 2013 are innovative and use daring colors. A funky hair color looks great on both short and long hairstyles, although certain colors look better on some cuts. Stylists love clients that are willing to experiment with the funkiest hair color ideas and can give you valuable advice about the color and shape. You can apply a funky hair color in two ways, on portions or the whole head. If you are not looking for such a big change you can add just a splash of color. Those that are happy with their natural color but want a change can add streaks of color on just a section of the hair, like the ends. In order to rock these type of hairstyles, we advise you to complement them with other elements of the outfit. For example, you can try to match your hair and nail design.  Here are the best 5 funky hair color ideas for his year:

1. Pastel purple
Pastel colors are both dramatic and romantic and that is why they are so popular. Before you decide to go pastel, find out what color is suitable for your skin tone. Purple is one of the funkiest hair color ideas. However, when it comes in a pastel shade, it is lest rebel and more romantic. Pastel purple is a daring color that works best with cold light skin tones. If you are not looking for such a radical change, start with a few pastel highlights and see if the shade brightens your look. If you have dark hair, pre-lighten it and apply a conditioning treatment one week before you dye. If you go for pastel hair, try to wear your hair straight in order for the colors to truly stand out. Furthermore, if you are looking for some hair and nail design inspiration, try a metal look with purple hair and dark nails.

2. Brunette highlights

Brunettes can change their image without any dramatic changes that would damage the hair. Funky hair color highlights can make a look interesting and daring. Combine dark hair with blue, purple, blonde or bright red streaks. Dark brunette and icy blonde can create the illusion of volume. Rainbow hair highlights with two or more shades will definitely put you in the spotlight.

3. Gradual

A gradual funky hair color can be used on both long and short cuts. Hair painting and balayage are some of the techniques used to achieve this look. Short hair with gradual streaks of blonde, brown, red and blue create a cool look and give the illusion of a fringe. You can color the tips all around your head or just add gradual large streaks. A green or blue shade is recommended for blondes.

4. Drama queen

To achieve a dramatic look, dye your hair jet black and add blocks of contrasting colors. Paint the bangs and front pieces a bright red color, especially if you have an edgy hairsyle. If you prefer blonde hair, add a very large streak of pink or black. If you have bangs paint two streaks in the middle of the bangs in a copper color and add a few highlight in the rest of the hair.

5. Light on top

The light on top dark underneath look works best on long hair. Tell your stylist to add a funky hair color on the top layers, such as pink, and a darker burgundy below. When you move, the effect will be incredible.