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5 Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair
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5 Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

Long hair is a classic that never goes out of style. Everybody wears their hair long, from rockers to actors and even royalty. To keep this look fresh and modern, you can style it with angled ends, bangs and layers, but the biggest change comes from the color. If you are looking for a new, glamorous style for the summer, check out these 5 hair color ideas for long hair:

1. Balayage
The balayage technique first appeared in Vogue forums almost 10 years ago and today it is the most requested hair coloring in saloons. This French coloring technique is achieved by applying dye with the hand for more natural effect, rather than with the traditional methods such as foiling. You can use balayage even if you have a short pixie cut, however it works best on long hair. Go with some natural highlights for a soft effect or more daring punk paintings. Either way, balayage is low maintenance and perfect for those who want a fashionable look.

2. Rainbow
Rainbow is one of the most recent hair color ideas for long hairs. This style is very popular on the beauty blogosphere and among women that want to push their hair limit and achieve a unique look. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are rainbow girls. Stylists recommend pastels such as light blue, pink and lavender for light skin tones and a darker pallet for brunettes. Burgundy, emerald green and intense purple work better on olive skin tones. Stunning combinations are black, turquoise, green and purple. Blondes can opt for yellow, pink and purple streaks.

3. Bronde
Bronde, or brown blonde is a hot trend for this summer, especially for those who like to go lighter for the season. Bronde looks great on many skin types making it a perfect combination of blonde shades and brown color. You can achieve this look with the balayage technique and some well placed highlight in the front and back sections.

4. Dark underneath
This is one of our favorite hair color ideas for long hair because of the dramatic effect it creates as the hair moves. Ask your stylist to put a lighter color on the top layers and a darker shade underneath. You can choose natural colors or go with a more daring neon pink with burgundy underneath the layers.

5. Dip-dye
Dip-dying is a very stylish hairstyle that works on both long and shorter hair. This coloring is perfect for those who are happy with their natural color and don’t want to dye the whole head, but want to achieve a new modern look. The ends can be dipped in any color while the rest of the hair is untouched. You can even try a rainbow dip-dye.