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Add a playful touch to your hairstyles with ribbons
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Add a playful touch to your hairstyles with ribbons

From French braids to ballerina buns, there are many great hairstyles women with long hair have the possibility of trying. However, if you want to really stand out, and give your hairstyle a unique and more exclusive touch, adding a few accessories is a great idea. If you are looking for an affordable and easy way to accessorize your hairdos, then you should try using straps of ribbons. You can easily find an online shop, such as, that can provide you with the ribbon selection you desire to create some wonderful hairstyles. Here are a few ideas you can start with:

Low braided hairstyle

For a romantic yet simplistic look, start with a low braided hairstyle. Wrap a small piece of ribbon around the head and within the braid, and you will create both a headband on the top, and a bow on the bottom. It is easy to do, but still has a sophisticated vibe to it.

Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun can be done even by the most unskilled girl, being a practical yet stylish hairstyle. All you need to do is tie your hair up and twist it into a bun, and then, using a strand of ribbon, create a small bow. Pin it on the side of the bun, and voila, you have yourself a ballerina hairdo, with a romantic vibe to it. With ribbon, you can basically turn any basic, dull hairdo into a showstopper.

Loose braids

Straighten or slightly curl your hair (which way you prefer it best) and then start braiding loosely two strands of braid, from the front to the back. Tie them together using a piece of soft pink ribbon, creating a bow at the end. Make sure to use a longer ribbon strap, leaving the ends of the bow to hang, intertwining with the rest of the hair, for a more playful and stylish effect. You will certainly love the look.

When it comes to hairstyle, you have endless possibilities, so do not be afraid to use your creativity, by adding unique elements for more spectacular results. Give these ribbon hairdos a try, and you will certainly love how the style will look on you. Purchase ribbons of various patterns and colours from an online shop, and let your imagination run loose. Nowadays, wearing ribbon in your hair is not for preschool girls anymore, being a fashionable and stylish trend for women of all ages.