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Advice for Dyed Brown Hair
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Advice for Dyed Brown Hair

Brown hair is the most common of all natural colors, but this doesn’t mean it is always the least noticed, or the least interesting one. This has been especially exemplified in recent years, when there has been a significant return to more natural colors and women rediscovered the beauty of this style. Moreover, thanks to new dyes and hair products, but to new dyeing techniques as well, brown hair color can mean hundreds of different nuances and combinations.

Ombre hair color for example is a method that goes particularly well with brown hair color, and a lot of girls and women who didn’t want to change their hair color drastically opted to have their ends lightened and instantly became new people. This is why we have decided to offer you a few advice for dyed brown hair. Although it is the least pretentious of all dyes, dyed brown hair still has a few quirks, and like all dye jobs, you have to know how to maintain it if you want long-lasting results. That being said, here is what we recommend for women with brown hair:

  • Choose carefully

The first thing you have to be careful about is choosing the right nuance of brown hair for you, whether your natural hair color is brown, whether you are already dyed brown, or are sporting some other color. The great news is that most women would look good with dyed brown hair, it’s all about knowing which nuance to choose; you have to take skin color and eye color into consideration, so if you are light-skinned, or with pink undertones, with yellow undertones or beige, then your skin tone is cool and you have to go for ashier tones of brown, or coffee variants. However, if your skin is light with golden undertones, pale, tan or beige, then you have a warm skin tone and you should opt for chestnut, caramel and mocha nuances.

  • Think about the results

If you’ve managed to pinpoint the desired nuance successfully, then it’s time to think about the type of dye you will use; first, there is a choice between permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes, and then, between the dye textures. There are the classical cream-like dyes, there are foam dyes, and even dip dyes for special effects. When you change hair colors drastically, do it at the salon, because different colors react differently when combined. A lighter color will never lift color off a darker one, it will just add to the color, making it darker. Similarly, if you’re black-haired now, simply applying brown over won’t show any results, except some embarrassing ones.

  • Proper care

Although it is not the most pretentious color, dyed brown hair still requires maintenance, so you have to invest in shampoo and conditioner intended especially for dyed brown hair. The shine of the color will last longer than with other nuances, but you will have to refresh it every few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows as well. If you’ve adopted the popular two-toned color, then your visits at the salon have to happen more often, but it still won’t be much of a bother.