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Bridal wedding hair colours and matching accessories

Every woman sees her wedding day as a special occasion, and she wants to look memorable for this event. Because you want to be the most beautiful bride in the world, you may start planning your wedding quite early. Every little detail is important, from the dress to the perfect shoes, because you are aware that even a small mistake can ruin your big day. But you should know, that alongside with the dress and shoes you should focus on the makeup and hairstyle, because they have a major role in the way you will look and feel that day. Your hairstyle can help you change your look in a matter of hours, so you should focus on this aspect if you want to look different on your wedding day. In addition, you should make sure that you wear the right accessories, because if some colours are suitable to be worn with a veil, some are better highlighted with ribbons UK.

Try goldilocks

Do you want to have gold hairs on your wedding day, then you should wait no more and make an appointment to the salon, because this style looks great if you have a fair skin tone. You should talk with your hairstylist to see if it would look better to have a yellowish shade or to opt for a rich blonde. For achieving a princess look, you can accessorise your hair with a silver ribbon stripe that features clear stones. This hair colour looks amazing if you style it in curls, so you should know from the beginning the accessories you want to wear, and the style you prefer, before dying your hair.

Ginger tea and auburn are perfect for autumn

If you want to plan an autumn themed wedding, then you should consider dying your hair in one of these colours. The ginger tea shade is a combination between blonde and copper and it is a simple way to give your hairstyle a smooth and fancy look. If you have short hair, you should definitely try this colour. For a vintage wedding, you can opt for a head bandana, made from gold ribbon and pears, instead of wearing a veil. When it comes to auburn, it does not matter if you have dark or fair complexion, because it would look amazing with both of them. The majority of brides who have their wedding during autumn choose this colour, because they do not have to wear a veil, and they feel more comfortable by simple accessorising it. You can add some jewels to the hairstyle for a pop of style.

Raven shades for a modern bride

If you want to opt for something natural on your wedding day, then you should choose a caramel hue shade. It does not matter the type and complex of your skin, this colour looks amazing on everyone, and you can accessorise it with ribbons, a veil or even jewelleries. You can wear a veil during the ceremony, and opt for a simple look, with a ribbon braided into your locks for the reception.