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Drug abuse affects you from head to toe
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Drug abuse affects you from head to toe

You should associate your body with a finely tuned machine. It requires great care in order to properly function. What you eat and drink influences the way it operates. In order, you to survive you need minerals, calories, vitamins and water. You take these nutrients from the foods and beverages you drink. But the nature did not design the body to process drugs and alcohol. When consuming these substances the body has numerous side effects. Drugs and alcohol include harmful chemicals, and your entire body suffers. On the outside, the skin and hair are the ones that are hardly damaged by drug consumption. Drugs and alcohol do no good to your skin and hair. When consuming harmful your hair starts falling out. Some people consider that it is due to their genes, but if you make substance abuse, then you can make sure that your scalp problems are caused by what you consume.

How does substance abuse cause hair loss?

Experts state that all types of drugs can cause a type of hair loss. Hair loss is a condition that can come under multiple forms, and if some of them are genetic, the others are a result of the person’s behaviour. Drugs and alcohol cause your system a shock, and this is why professionals use the ibogaine treatment to break the addiction and to prevent scalp problems. Considering that your body is shocked when you consume harmful substances, it is no surprise that your hair follicles will prematurely stop growing. There are times when the hair follicles enter the resting phase, they remain in this phase for three months, and if you do not do something to wake them up, they are shed. Stopping the drugs consumption is the best way to rebalance the hair follicles. Six months after breaking your addiction, you will notice that your hair will return to its normal cycle.

When entering the best luxury rehabs patients are assessed to see what side effects their body experiences due to drug consumption. Sometimes they are suffering from diffuse hair thinning. The persons who are using cocaine are also experiencing malnutrition, because this drug causes them loss of appetite. Because the body does not get the needed nutritive substances, the hair feels the side effects.

Can a drug addict experience permanent hair loss?

Studies state that the majority of persons who consume drugs experience temporary hair loss. But, there are cases when drug addiction can trigger one of the conditions that can lead to permanent hair loss.  In women, the condition is called Androgenetic Alopecia and in men is called Male Pattern Baldness. Permanent baldness is the result of an inherited sensitivity to DHT, the hormone that attacks the hair follicles. If this condition is not treated in time, it can lead to baldness in men and in hair thinning for women. Around 50% of the persons who are dealing with permanent hair loss state that they experienced a substance addiction at a certain point in their life.