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Experts’ advice: no wedding without ribbons

Organising a wedding party can be regarded not only as a wonderful period in people’s life, but also as a very busy one. This happens because of the fact that there are a lot of things to put in order, starting with the guests list and ending with decorations and the way the bride arranges her hair. But before starting anything, people have to check the experts’ advice. And this year, according to them there is no wedding without ribbons. And if you ask why ribbons are so important, you should know that their role is to transform something simple into something elegant. If you do not believe us, just try to think about hair bow ribbons.

Easy steps for using ribbons for making your wedding party special


First step: Personalise your wedding dress with a ribbon! And choose some models which contain beads and small crystals. They will perfectly fit with your dress and they will make you look fancy. Also, if you consider yourself even more daring, you can go for other colours instead of white. But if you do not like ribbons for your dress, you can use them for your hair. Bow hair ribbons are still on.


Second step: A ribbon for your wedding cake! You should talk with the confectioner of your cake and ask him to put a ribbon around your wedding cake in order to make it look spectacular. It can also be regarded as an original way to transform a regular cake into something which can be both delicious and good looking. And choose cotton cream printed floral ribbons because they are always on. And if you wonder how you can find them, just try to look for wedding ribbon for sale.


Third step: Ribbons for the invitations. If you would like to make your guests feel special, you should offer them some personalised invitations, made by yourself. But you will definitely need help.


Fourth step: Wedding favours as main decorations. Wedding favours are more important than you may think, due to the fact that they are regarded as a symbol of love and also as a way of showing your gratitude to your guests. So, ask your friend to help you create them.

Other things that you should know about wedding ribbons:


  • You should buy your ribbons from online because you have the chance to compare the prices and find offers. Also a good suggestion is subscribing to the e-mail address of the online stores which deal with this stuff.
  • Quantity matters – never buy less ribbons than you may need because you will have to place the order again. Plus, of you order a larger quantity, you can benefit from discounts.
  • Do not forget to check the trends before placing the order. Believe it or not these trends are extremely important when it comes to ribbons.