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First days after getting inked – what to do  

Getting a tattoo is something beautiful and artsy, but it is not child’s play. The tattoo drawing designs you choose will remain on your skin for the whole life, which is why you must know that how you spend the first hours after getting a tattoo is crucial for the way it will look in the future. So, if you want the ink to remain fresh and vivid, make sure you are patient while the skin heals and respect the specialist’s recommendations. Sometimes, the entire process can take up to a month, but your effort will be worth it. Here is what you should do:

Use special skin care products

A lot of people think they are not allowed to shower after they get their tattoo. Even if this is a common belief, it is a mere misconception. You can take a shower, as soon as you take the bandage off, but remember to pay close attention to the cleaning products you use. Experts recommend you to avoid traditional solutions, because they consist in several agents, such as perfume, that can cause irritation and rash to the skin. Instead, choose a mild soap or lotion, without fragrance and alcohol. You can even pick one that is dedicated to baby care. Also, do not use a loofah or washcloth, because this accelerates exfoliation and can prolong the healing process. Besides that, such objects are the perfect environment for bacteria and this can lead to infections. Use only your hands, do not scratch and rinse abundantly.

Resist the temptation to peel off your skin

Who would do such thing? Well, it may sound redundant, but this recommendation is very important. As with any other “wound”, after getting a tattoo, your skin will have to heal and the process is likely to involve some flaking. You must definitely refrain from picking these dead skin pieces off, especially in the first 48 hours after you leave the salon. As soon as it starts drying out, the inked area will itch and flake so you will be tempted to take those flakes off. Do not do it! Keep in mind that the skin has already suffered trauma and you can risk to affect the tissue even more, causing scarring and ruining the tattoo due to discoloration.

Avoid direct sun exposure, swimming and sweating

There is a general rule which says that sun is tattoo’s worst enemy. This works on a long term, because direct sun exposure makes the ink fade, but also on a short term, especially the first days after you get your tattoo. This means that if your skin is not totally healed, you must definitely stay indoor as much as possible, or at least cover the inked area. High humidity is another thing you need to avoid, so do not go swimming and try to stay away from activities that involve excessive sweating, such as jogging or going to the gym.