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Great CRM in a beauty salon – experts’ advice

Customer Relationship Management, or shortly known as CRM, is something many business owners started talking about in the past years, although it has different meanings to different audiences. Usually, CRM embodies some software or an app-based tool that employees of a company utilize in order to keep track of their customers. An online hair stylist app for instance will help you better manage the customers of your beauty salon by having an insight into their activities and needs.

Customer database management – why is it important

If you have recently opened a beauty salon, you probably realized that there are many aspects that need to be taken care of. You will be facing many challenges in the future as well. For start, it is best you invest in an app that can help you keeping track of your customers. The classical scenario: you have several customers calling at your beauty salon, all within a very short period, and they all demand appointments for the following week, you write those appointments in a notebook, but somehow you misplace the notebook and when the day comes, you have no idea which customer should come at which hour. This is when an online booking app comes in to save your day – you have all your appointments in an app, which means that all your employees have access to them whenever they want. It’s easier to manage your customers this way, since you get rid of lists kept in some paper-based files or spread-sheets. You can even create a customer’s profile simply by keeping a history of their appointments and understanding what they are interested in the most when coming at your beauty salon.

Keeping track of the inventory

We live in the era of speed and technological advances, so why not take advantage of the great benefits technology has brought and digitize your beauty salon? You can invest in an app that helps you keep record of your inventory for example. Not knowing how many shampoos or what types of hair dyes you have can be quite frustrating. If you have a well-designed app instead, you no longer need to send someone to the storage room to count all products and have everything written on a piece of paper. You can simply review your app and update it whenever it’s necessary. You will make a good impression on your customers, because they will see you as an organized and professional beauty salon and will definitely recommend you to their acquaintances. As a result, you also benefit from some marketing.

Utilizing the right outbound marketing tools

According to experts, one very good way to strengthen customer relationships is by sending them some promotional messages and personalized notifications every once in a while. Whether you choose to use email or text messaging, ensure you include in the message the logo of your beauty salon and a personalized message.

All things considered, these basic activities are exactly what you need for your CRM solution for your beauty salon, experts say.