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Hair Color Innovations that You’ll Love
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Hair Color Innovations that You’ll Love

For quite a long time, no new discoveries or improvements have been made in the world of hair coloring, but it looks like our beauty scientists have not been sitting idly by; on the contrary, all at once there seem to have appeared quite a few hair color innovations, most of them having to do with the quality of the dyes and how they affect the hair. Before you get too excited, don’t imagine that they’ve invented some new hair color, or the magic dye that grows with your hair. They didn’t yet invent the hair color pigment which, once introduced into your hair, completely changes its color until the next pigmentation. That would be magical, but not very likely. Until then, we have to be satisfied with what we have and always be on the lookout for new, better products.

  • Color Swypes

This is one of the most recent hair color innovations, and it has to do with semi-permanent dyeing. In the photo above, you can see how the color swypes look, and how the model’s hair was colored in multiple nuances. Color Swypes is all about dry dyeing, and a set comes with the following colors: black, red, blue, green, pink, purple and orange in striking and strong nuances. It is applied by using the swypes you see on the right of the picture, which sort of look like tiny hair straighteners. You pick the hair lock you want to dye, and then you choose your color; by joining the two sides of the applicator pad together, you swipe them over the hair, which gets colored. The great advantage is that the color washes off at the first shower, so you can easily correct something you didn’t like. Contrary to what you may think, the swypes work on darker hair as well, not just blonde, because they are like a powder that covers the hair. You can make whatever combinations you like, and even children can use them because they’re non-toxic. Imagine preparing your costume for Halloween: the Color Swypes can really add the finishing touches to your character, and you won’t have to wear a wig, or dye your hair permanently.

  • Ammonia-free dyes

This is one of the most important hair color innovations this year, and lots of women are probably shouting “Hallelujah!” in excitement. Every woman loves – and then needs – to color her hair, but every woman also finds out that after years and years of use and abuse, the hair can get damaged from all the treating. Well, now more and more brands have started coming up with their own ammonia-free dyes; several other chemicals have been removed from the formulas, which makes these new dyes much safer and natural without losing the quality of the color. Ammonia is one of the biggest enemies of hair, because it attacks the hair follicle, and even strips its outer layers; although this was precisely one of the components that stuck the dye to the hair, it was also the one which made your hair all frizzy and wild. One of the first brands to jump the gun was L’Oreal, and their new INOA line uses an odorless chemical called monoethanolamine in order to open the hair follicle for the dye. It may be a chemical still, but it is much less damaging than ammonia.

  • Illumina hair color

One of the other hair color innovations that you might be interested in is Illumina hair color by Wella, which utilizes new technology in order to create the various hair Dyes. Wella scientists and professional hair colorists praise its quality. The technology they used has something to do with micro-particles of light, and some other compounds which retain copper in the hair. Yes, in case you didn’t know, all people have a more or less infinitesimal quantity of metals in their hair, and copper mineral is one of them. They say that what Illumina does is retain some of the light and transparency of the hair follicle when you dye it, so when the process is complete, the hair is left much brighter and glimmering than with other products. In fact, Wella representatives claim that by utilizing one of their natural hair colors, your hair will be left looking as close to virgin hair as possible, meaning people won’t be able to tell whether it was dyed or not. Pretty nifty, huh?

  • More hair products

The subjects above were some of the more important hair color innovations that have seen the light of day recently, but besides them, a whole new array of products have come up individually from this or that brand. For example, the brand called Innovation (no, we’re not kidding), has a huge collection of professional hair products that you can use at home as well. They also have dyes low in ammonia, but they also have dyes with no ammonia and extra keratin. One of their most interesting products is the Oxigen, a creamy formula of hydrogen peroxide that you can apply yourself when you want to change hair color. This product is good for those who want to make drastic changes; then, they can treat the hair using some of Innovation’s other products, like the soothing lotions that come in vials, or the pH balancers.