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Hair Color Mistakes and Repairing Them
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Hair Color Mistakes and Repairing Them

Dyeing your own hair is almost never a good idea, unless you have some experience with it. Moreover, you should never try to do it if you want to change your current color for a very different nuance, for an opposite color. Most hair color mistakes occur when people try to dye their blonde hair in a darker nuance, or when they want to lighten their natural hair color using hydrogen peroxide or other substances. Even though it is more expensive to go to a salon, you have to think that the hair is always visible, so any mistakes are immediately seen; they can ruin your whole look and make you seem less appealing than you really are.

In what follows we are going to discuss some of the most common hair color mistakes and try to come up with solutions for each of them. For example, you cannot make your hair color look lighter by adding another layer of dye over the darker ones you’ve had so far. Color does not lift color, it just adds to what you already have, so your hair ends up looking like an experiment gone wrong, which is exactly what it is, with different nuances here and there. Instead, in order to get rid of a darker hair color, you have to remove it using special products. This should be done at the hair salon, because these color removing products basically attack the hair, so applying too much or leaving it on too long can damage the hair irreparably.

One of the most common hair color mistakes is believing that if you have light hair, such as blonde, you can just apply any color you want and it will look exactly like on the box. Depending on your particular nuance, the texture of your hair, its health, and the nuance you dye in, the results will vary a lot. Thus, if you wanted to get a darker color over blonde and it turned out to be darker than you imagined, your only solution is a color remover. There are a lot of home removal kits you can use, and they’re not too expensive; they work best on healthy hair which has not been dyed over too many times, but really dry or damaged hair could get even more damaged because of them. Your hair color will look strange after the remover has done its job, but you shouldn’t be frightened; as soon as you add the next dye, the hair will look good again.

In drastic circumstances, your stylist may advise you to choose between some women short haircuts for a while, if the hair has become so damaged the only solution is cutting and waiting for it grow back again. Of course you wouldn’t want things to get that far, which is why it’s always best to leave it to professionals to do complicated hair jobs.

For damaged hair, you can use color correctors, which contain a lower quantity of peroxide, so they’ll only remove part of the hair color, leaving it more or less uniform . The next one of the more common hair color mistakes occurs when people try to lighten their hair with peroxide and end up with an orange head. First of all, this stage is quite normal and, depending on your natural color, you should go through several stages as you add peroxide over and over; thus, in the beginning your hair can look brown, then it will have an orange nuance, moving on to yellow and then to white. This is because the peroxide removes layers of pigment from your hair. If your hair has been previously dyed and now you want to make it blonde, peroxide will at first lighten your current color so results may look odd. Insisting with peroxide usually doesn’t do the trick, and you just obtain several nuances of orange before realizing you’ve damaged your hair beyond repair. However, if you’ve already damaged your hair with coloring products, try to see this as an opportunity to try something new with your look; after all, your locks will grow back again, but until then, you can try one of the short haircuts for round faces that are so popular nowadays. You may think it exaggerated to recommend everyone short haircuts for round faces, but the trick is that a professional stylist can adapt them to suit other types of faces as well. Either way, don’t discard the idea of adopting a shorter haircut in case of damaged hair.

This is why visiting the salon for such practices is recommended; all the money you will be spending on corrective treatments and products could have been spent on a professional session, where the results are guaranteed. Moving from extreme to extreme in the spectrum of color takes a lot of patience and perhaps several sessions at the hair salon, but having it done in a professional manner will ensure quality results and avoid damaging your hair.