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Hair Trends for Men
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Hair Trends for Men

Lately, men are increasingly preoccupied about their looks and are actually putting some effort into improving their appearance. As they don’t have the advantage of using makeup or sophisticated hairstyle, a lot of their effort goes into their hair grooming ritual. This ritual, which once consisted on shaving and combing is nowadays a lot more sophisticated. Lets take a look at some 2014 hair trends and see what the men are expected to do this year in order to stay in style.

2014 haircuts for men

This year, we are witnessing a wide variety of trendy hairstyles for men. Medium hairstyles are particularly popular, especially when worn with casual beards. However, super short hairstyles are also very popular and are preferred by many men who don’t like to spend a lot of time in front of the mirrors. However, men should know that even simple hairstyles require some styling. We advise all men to use hair wax. The great thing about hair wax is that it only takes a few seconds to apply. You rub it on your fingers and run the fingers through the hair. Hair wax gives texture and makes any hairstyle look stylish. An important factor to consider when choosing a new hairstyle is texture. heavily layered haircuts are very popular this year due to the fact that layers give the hair a rich texture.

2014 facial hair trends

Lately, facial hair has become an important part of men’s fashion. Therefore, any man who wants to be trendy, should do some research on the best electric shavers. A stylish beard needs to be maintained with a good shaver. The reason why we advise you to buy an electric shaver is due to the fact that the 2014 hair trends feature many casual 1-2 day beards. Therefore, it is essential to be able to rely on one of the best electric shavers for keeping that casual beard under control. Needless to say, you should make sure to buy a shaver with a built in trimmer. You can look at some of the best electric shavers on Compare several shavers and choose one that satisfies your needs.

2014 hair colors

Hair coloring trends for men are quite controversial as most men are not very comfortable with this idea. However, the few men that feel comfortable enough in order to experience with new hair colors, should know that the 2014 trends feature neutral brown shades, copper brown shades, neutral dark blonde shades, chestnut shades, copper and red. Copper is particularly hot this year and it should definitely be tried out by men with thin hair and medium hairstyles.