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How to Achieve a Red Brown Hair Color
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How to Achieve a Red Brown Hair Color

Red hair color is very popular today among women of all ages. There are numerous shades of red, from deep mahogany to strawberry red. Before you purchase any products, you must know what color works best for your skin type.

Blondes with light skin should choose a strawberry red or light red shade. Medium red hair shades look best on medium skin tones. A red brown hair color or lighter auburns are a great choice. Avoid light reds and strawberry red on darker and olive skin. A cooler red shade is more appropriate, such as deep mahogany reds. If you are not sure about your skin tone, ask a professional for advice.

To achieve a red brown hair color you can use a mixture of red and brown dye in different proportions. If you want the dominant color to be red, use 2/4 red dye and if you want a deep brownish look add only 1/4 red into the mix. For a teardrop effect add brighter red to the top section to cover new growth and a deeper red through the bottom.

Before you apply the color to all the hair you can experiment with some temporary red tints. This way you can find out if a red brown hair color is something you would want long-term. Another great idea are some red streaks that can get you used to the idea and also create a chic look.

If you have dark hair, pre-lighten it so you make sure the color will stick. Apply the pre-lightener on the hair just like a dye to strip any previous color and lighten your hair. Wait for a week before dyeing so you avoid damage and let the hair regenerate. Do a conditioning treatment to prepare for the next step.

Before you cover all the surface of your head, do a patch test with the dye so you know if you have an allergic reaction. If you experience swelling, burning, itching or any kind of rash consult a doctor before using the dye. If you don’t experience any reaction, set up the area. Get gloves, towels, a bowl in which you will prepare the mixture, hair clips and a comb. Lay newspapers on the exposed surfaces.

Put on the gloves and comb your hair. Mix the dye and put some into your hands. Start with the top section, if you want a teardrop effect, and use a brighter red. Continue with the bottom and make sure you cover all hair. Leave it for the recommended amount of time written in the instructions and wash afterward. Apply a conditioning mask to hydrate the hair and then dry it. Enjoy your new red brown hair color!