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How to Apply Satin Hair Color
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How to Apply Satin Hair Color

Satin Hair Color is an unique color system with an aloe vera base and natural ingredients. The Satin colors are rich, elegant and can be used to achieve a semi-permanent or a permanent color. Although Satin is a gentle product, you may want to wait if your hair is severely damaged and so a conditioning treatment.

If you previously used metallic dye, applying Satin Hair Color is not recommended, because metals and peroxide create hot chemical reaction and all permanent colors are mixed with peroxide. Furthermore, you cannot use Satin over Henna dyes. If you use a semi developer, your hair will retain the color for 4-6 weeks.

Satin hair color products have a low ammonia content, therefore are great for dry hair. The micro color molecules penetrate the hair and give it a shiny vibrant color. Before you purchase any dye, make sure you know what colors would highlight your skin tone better. You can ask a professional for advice or use a hair change program.

After you decide on a color, choose a developer. A developer with 10 Vol deposits tone on tone or darker and a 40 Vol lifts ups 4 levels of natural color. You can combine one Satin Hair Color or two, so you create an unique look. Mix 1 oz. Satin Cream Hair Color with 2 oz. Satin Oxide. Use a non-metallic bowl and make sure you protects your hands with gloves.

Apply the color on the roots and new growths first leaving it for approximately 30 minutes. Cover the ends with the rest of the mix for the final 10 minutes, but no more. Because you have colored the ends before, the hair is porous and the shade can darken. The roots can come out lighter than the rest due to the body heat that makes the color work faster. If you keep the dye no longer than 10 minutes on the roots and use a shower cap to keep the heat even, you should have no problem.

If it is a first time application, mix 2 oz developer with 1 ox Satin Hair Color in a small bowl and section the hair into four equal sections. Apply the mix where the hair is darker, on the nape of the neck and then spread it on the rest of your hair leaving 2-3 inches of the roots uncovered. You will have to prepare a new mix with 2 oz developer and 1 oz Satin Hair Color for the roots. Leave it for another 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.