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How to Dye the Tips of Your Hair
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How to Dye the Tips of Your Hair

Ombre or dip dye has been a very popular hair color trend for a few years now as it is a look that suits women with all types of hair textures and shapes. It even makes hair styling easier as you won’t need to do more than curl or wave up your hair for it to look spectacular and turn heads on the street. This trend involves dyeing the tips of the hair in a different color than the rest of the hair. Usually, women who have dark hair choose shades of blonde for the tips and women who have blonde hair choose either brown, red or copper for the tips to create a visually pleasing contrast. However, dyeing hair tips is a little more complicated than dying all your hair. Still, this doesn’t mean that you need to go to a hair salon and pay a lot of money to rock this style. Today we are going to teach you how to dye hair tips at home with minimum effort.

1. Gather your supplies

Before we teach you how to dye your hair tips, you need to gather your supplies. Putting together everything you need might require you to do some online or store shopping, so be prepared to set aside a budget for your beauty project.

  • If you have a dark hair color and you want your tips to have a lighter shade, you will have to bleach them before dyeing them in order for the color to stick, so a hair bleach solution is your first item to purchase.
  • If you are blonde, all you have to do is purchase the color of your choice, your color palette including all brown, red, and copper nuances.
  • Generally, one dye pack is enough unless you have extremely long hair and you want the ombre effect to go up to your chin, in which case you will need more hair dye.
  • You will need aluminum foil to pack your freshly dyed hair in neatly.
  • Get yourself a special ombre comb from your local beauty store.
  • You can acquire an ombre kit like the one from L’Oreal which contains all the products that this procedure requires as well.
  • If the kit doesn’t include gloves, buy latex, rubber, or vinyl gloves to properly protect your hands.

2. Take precautions

If you want to learn how to dye the tips like a pro then you need to act like one as well. There are certain precautions that you must take to ensure a smooth process throughout and to keep the workspace, as well as yourself, clean.

  • Choose a place near a sink and a mirror in front of which you will place a chair to sit on during the procedure.
  • Put a plastic foil under the chair in order to make sure that you won’t stain the floor.
  • Make a poncho out of a plastic bag and wrap your neck in plastic foil to avoid irritations and stains when you dye the hair.

3. The hair dyeing procedure

If you have dark hair, you first need to bleach the tips according to the instructions on your bleaching product. There are several ways in which you can dye the tips of your hair, depending on the effect that you want to get. Generally, you want to avoid a blunt passing from one hair color to another as it tends to look unnatural.
How to create a smooth passing:

  • One way to avoid this is to thoroughly tease the hair from the crown on your head. Once you do this, you simply dye the tips of the hair after which you wrap them in aluminum foil and wait for the required time to pass, which is usually 45 minutes.
  • Another way to do it is to use the special ombre comb in order to spread the hair dye on your tips in a non-uniform manner. It is especially great if you want to have a gradual ombre. You can dye a couple of inches of the tips, wait 15 minutes, then spread the hair dye upwards, wait another 15 minutes, and then spread it up a little bit more. This way, the hair at the tips will have a brighter shade which will slowly fade away towards your chin.