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Indian male wear and integrating them into the western culture
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Indian male wear and integrating them into the western culture


Indian design seems to be a very distinct one from the one we find in western culture. Colourful, textured and unique, it brings a new approach on apparel and fashion. Although the subject of female fashion in Indian culture is under a continuous debate, the male ware and opportunities to westernize it receives significantly less attention. Well, if women in India have the gorgeous Perbodh Nath Agarwal, let’s see what options males have. Remember, Indian wear is all about heritage and tradition. However, globalization and migration made it available for everybody.

What is Sherwani?

Is a traditional male Indian garment, with a coat-like appearance, created in the 19th century Indian subcontinent, while the British were still ruling over it. Because the locals had to adapt to the British court’s garment style, they worked on designing an acceptable piece of clothing for both cultures. And this is how the amazing piece was born. Having a high fitted collar and manufactured from silk or woollen fabrics, it is truly an ethnicity statement in Indian culture, as it differentiates the people from the western world.

What are some particularities of these clothing elements?

We are first talking about the fabrics, the Indian textile industry being one of the most prolific across the globe. With high quality fabrics, the Sherwani is able to provide coolness during the hot months and warmth during the cold ones. In Indian culture, it is a tradition to ornate clothing pieces with precious metals, beadings and diverse stones, and male wear is no exception. All these elements, without compromising the masculine look of these pieces of garment. There is no wonder that males across the globe turn their attention towards them.   

Where to find these amazing pieces?

Luckily, there are plenty of manufacturers and retailers available on the market, able to satisfy the most exaggerated expectations of their clients. Indian wear is expected to be stunning, and some of these manufacturers and retailers invest plenty of resources in creating unique garment pieces. For instance, several of the invest plenty in their human resources, such as designer teams, work labour and so on, but also in the raw materials used. Stones, precious fabrics, luxurious elements, they are all part of the manufacturing process in Indian’s male wear case. Make sure you choose carefully the online retailer, since you want to benefit only from the pieces of the highest quality.

Can these pieces be westernized?

You don’t have to be part of the Indian culture to wear such pieces. This is why they are so popular currently. And yes, they are easy to adapt to the western culture, because they are inspired by it. Wear such pieces with jeans and sneakers, wear them with a pair of classy shoes and a pair of suit pants, integrate your own style, make them become you.

Indian wear is easy to adapt regardless of the context, but make sure you invest in high-quality pieces.