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Make any dull hairstyle stunning with the right accessory

Without that perfect hairstyle, you can never achieve a complete and sophisticated look, regardless of what clothes you choose to wear. Even if you might not have the skills of a hairdresser, you can still make your hair look stunning, just by adding the right elements. Decorative ribbon can be easily used to beautify any hairstyle, even if you might have never thought of using this item as a hair accessory. With a strap of beautiful ribbon, you will make even the simplest hairdo seem flawless and appealing. To make things easier for you, here are a few ideas to work on, until you think of new ones yourself:

Ponytail with a twist

If there is a hairstyle that any girl can pull off is the well-known ponytail. Well, even it may seem like a dull choice, by accessorizing it correctly, you can wear your hair in a ponytail even at a chic cocktail party. Cut a strap of silk ribbon, in a colour that compliments your outfit, and tie it around the scrunchy or simply use it instead of a hair tie. Make sure the strap is long enough, in order to create a more romantic effect.

Colourful curled hair

Another great choice, which will not be that difficult to do, is adding a few pieces of ribbon to your curled hair. Just curl your hair as usual, and using a few bobby pins, place a few fine straps of ribbon in your hair. Make sure the ribbon is not that voluminous, in order for the overall effect to be a subtle and chic one.

Romantic braids

Ribbon can be easily included in a braided hairdo as well. Regardless if you are going for one, two or several braids, make sure to add a piece of ribbon. Because only a few parts of the ribbon will be noticeable, if you choose the right colour or pattern, you will create a hairstyle that will certainly stand out and make any outfit pop.

When it comes to hairstyles, you need to have the courage to try out new things and play with unique accessories. Ribbons are an affordable and versatile option. You can use them in various ways, and making your hair look spectacular will require no real effort. Give these few ideas a try, and if you like them, you can come up with new ones. Make any hairstyle your own with a bit of creativity and some chic accessories.