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Online shopping – how to do it right
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Online shopping – how to do it right

The evolution of technology is facilitating our access to numberless products and services, which are just a few clicks away. And with more than 90 per cent of British families having access to internet in their households, online shopping has gained more and more popularity lately, throwing shade at traditional stores and their future. So, if you are one of those people who enjoy purchasing stuff while sitting in from of their computer, then there are some things you need to know before hitting the “add to cart” or “order now” buttons. There are certain tips that will help you shop smartly and even save money. Read on to discover our advice, to improve your online shopping experience:  

Choose reputable shops

Before actually placing an order, make sure the platform you are buying from is a reliable one. Do shopping exclusively on web sites that have good reviews on dedicated blogs. Nowadays, the internet is a rich source of information so you can immediately find out what to expect when purchasing online. Search for details on social media or forums, read the feedback from previous clients and see if the pictures posted by the retailer are accurate. There are plenty of scams listing products you will never receive, so try to avoid platforms that you have found in some obscure corner of the web, unless you want to end up with an empty bank account. If you are not completely sure, then the best thing you can do is refrain from placing the order. In addition to this, the moment you reach the payment page, check for security indicators, to ensure complete safety.

Check out the size guide

Taking into consideration that normally, when you buy a clothing item you are able to wear it first, online shopping may be difficult. However, reputable retailers provide accurate size guide, and some of them even keep in mind the brand and adjust their guides accordingly. For instance, Spartoo offers Dr Martens and all the products come with a size guide on page. Professional online fashion stores are aware that buying the wrong size is a common issue among their clients, and it is a matter of customer service providing them with all the details they need to make an informed decision. Accurate model description and fabric information are a must on any reliable platform.    

Read the terms and conditions

Since we were speaking about scams, these have the habit of not stating their terms and conditions clearly on the web site. So if you notice something shady, go away immediately. Remember that having such a section on the platform is not enough, because there are certain pieces of important information to take out of it. For example, read about the return policy: if the item does not fit you, you must be able to return it and get back your money. Check out payment methods too: as a customer service method, some retailers allow you to pay the moment the order is shipped to your door!