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Rejuvenating your skin with collagen induction therapy
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Rejuvenating your skin with collagen induction therapy

After an age, every woman deals with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even though making this problem disappear might seem impossible, beauty experts have come up with great solutions to reduce the first signs of the aging process. Collagen induction therapy has gained huge popularity among women, bringing them unexpected positive results. This type of skin therapy is used by professionals to help woman regain their youthful complexion. The most common problems are the lines around your forehead and eyes, or around the lips. You can make your skin look young again if you resort to this type of professional treatment.

What does this procedure involve?

Collagen induction therapy has as purpose to stimulate your body into producing an increased level of collagen. The treatment is natural, so you do not need to worry that certain chemicals might affect your skin. Without using any artificial elements, this type of therapy does not affect your skin in any negative way. A certain device is used by the professional that will penetrate the epidermis, which will activate your body’s healing system, and will lead to collagen production. While the skin begins to repair itself, collagen production is stimulated. The procedure is very simple and very effective.

Targeted results

The main purpose of this therapy is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but scars as well. Many woman have resorted to collagen induction to get rid of stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight gains. Any area of your body, such as the face or neck can be rejuvenated with the help of this procedure. If you are dealing with acne scars, fine line, wrinkles, then the best solution for you is certainly collagen induction. You will be able to regain your radiant skin back and give your confidence a boost.


When it comes to facial treatments, many of them involve certain chemicals or other negative substances that can cause you certain side effects. With this form of therapy, you do not need to face any of these problems, because collagen induction is probably one of the safest facial therapy out there.  The epidermis will not be affected in any negative way, assuring you of optimal results without invasive effects.

Number of session

One single collagen induction session is not enough if you want the result to be more visible. For a more efficient outcome, at least three sessions are required. This particular detail needs to be discussed with a beauty specialist, who can explain to you every aspect of the therapy and advise you on the required number of sessions. The best part about collagen induction is that it is accessible for any person, regardless of skin type. Therefore, if you think that your skin needs rejuvenation, then look for a beauty clinic that specializes in skin care and that offers you advanced procedures. Make sure you choose wisely, check if the clinic offers you many facial treatment options. You will be able to easily come across the right clinic just by looking online.