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Say yes to the mini skirt – flirty casual outfits
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Say yes to the mini skirt – flirty casual outfits

You can either love mini skirts or absolutely hate them, there is no in between when it comes to this clothing item. If you are a fashion addict, then you are probably already aware that this type of clothing item has always been and always will be the perfect element for a flirty casual outfit. Fashion designers are promoting mini skirts as being one of the must haves of this season, so even if you might not love them, you should definitely have a few models in your closet.

Sequined mini skirt plus leather accents

A black sequined mini skirt is the perfect choice for any day of the weak when you want to feel stylish and make yourself noticed. With a few leather accents here and there, you will definitely stand out. Choose a biker leather jacket and vest, an oversized grey sweater and a pair of black leather boost. Top the outfit with a handbag in a brighter tone, either red or soft beige, and voila, you are wearing a casual, yet flirty outfit. If you want to look more elegant and sophisticated you can replace the boots with a pair of stilettos, whatever you feel more comfortable wearing.

High-waist mini and chambray shirt

What can go better with a high-waist mini than a chambray shirt, which is also one of the must haves of this season. Choose a mini skirt in a tribal print, for a more fashionable effect and tuck the chambray shirt in. Finish the overall look with a brown waist band and a pair of flat sandals in the same colour and you will have a gorgeous casual outfit you can wear everywhere you want.

Long sleeve top with leather skirt

What clothing item is flirtier than a mini skirt? A leather mini skirt, of course. By combining a long sleeve top, either in black strips or polka dots with a leather skirt, you will create the ideal outfit for those days when the weather is not that warm, but you still want to look stylish. The best pair of shoes for this look would be a pair of high boots, but you can easily opt for a pair of white sneakers instead, if you want to keep everything simple. Do not forget to add a large leather handbag and a few accessories, such as a pair of aviator glasses, an oversized necklace or some colourful braces, choose whatever you think will be more suitable for your personal style.

As you can see, mini skirts can be the perfect choice for any occasion, not just for a night out. You can wear them to a shopping session with your friends, going to a dinner party, on a date or just a relaxing Sunday brunch. Make sure you have a mini skirt in each colour, design and fabric, and your outfits will never look dull again. Look for a supplier that can put at your disposal a wide variety clothing items to choose from, include this trendy item in your closet and refresh your wardrobe.