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Two Tone Hair Color Ideas
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Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Hair plays a major role in one’s look and can influence the first impression people make. Dirty untidy hair will make others think you are sloppy. A nice tidy hairstyle will create an attractive look and can also highlight you features. Hair color can be easily used to create a unique hairstyle. Multi-tonal hair colors can transform boring hair in a work of art. It is perfect for those that want an ultra-stylish look and to shine in any situation. Use your imagination to create the perfect combination of colors and cuts. Here are some two tone hair color ideas that will get you started:


  • Hair veiling

Hair veiling can be achieved by adding contrasting or complementary color to hidden sections of the hair that will allow it to be seen only with certain hairstyles. This way you can have a night look that is different from your day look fast and easy, by adding a few hairpins or combing it differently. Hair veiling must be done by a stylist who knows how to mix colors in a clever way and is familiarized with the technique. If you are a brunette, purple is a great color that can be added in hidden streaks.

  • Caramel blonde

This is one of our favorite two tone hair color ideas for light hair. Platinum blonde is a very popular color chosen by many women of all ages. To make a platinum blonde hairstyle more interesting, add hints of caramel brown. If you have a short edgy haircut, add brown on the bottom and color the top layers blonde. If you were looking for some short hairstyles for prom, the caramel blonde is the perfect choice.

  • Bright streaks

If you are not looking for such a radical change and want to avoid dyeing all your hair, spice things up with streaks or a block of vivid color. If you have bangs, you can add two red streaks or color the underneath layers. The hair won’t get damaged and you will also create an interesting effect. If you are brave, also add color to the front sections.

  • Ombre hair

Ombre two tone hair color ideas are the new trend for this year. Celebrities just like to add golden blonde to the tips of their darker hair, but if you like to experiment you can easily achieve an eye-catching look. Moreover, ombre short hairstyles for prom are a very popular choice this year, because they add an interesting effect to a dull, short haircut. If you are a blonde, dye the hair platinum, almost white, and add light gray color mid-way down. As you go further down, make the hair even darker so when you reach the ends the color it is almost black. If you need bleaching, go to a professional saloon so you can avoid damaging the hair. You can use the ombre technique with any color you want, including red and blue.