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Unique ribbon hairstyles you need to try right now

In order for your overall looks to be impeccable, besides putting on a fashionable outfit and doing your makeup perfectly, styling your hair properly also pays an essential role. To give your hairdos that extra touch of chicness they might need, you should consider adding accessories. Ribbon, although not your most conventional accessory choice, can make your hairstyles attention drawing and give your looks more authenticity. Here are a few unique styles you can try using ribbon, ones that can be matched with numerous outfit combos:

Wavy curls with a colourful ribbon touch

If you like wearing your hair in waves, you can make this style a bit more daring, by adding a few pieces of ribbon to it. You can use satin straps of ribbon, in a colour that matches or goes well with your outfit. Make sure the strands are not too think, in order for them to blend nicely with the curls. You will only need a few bobby pins to secure the ribbon pieces onto your hair. This hairstyle option can be a great option for a wedding look as well, and with so many beautiful wedding ribbons UK available for sale, you will certainly find a pattern that you love and suits your dress perfectly.

Ponytail with a twist

Ponytail is probably your go-to hairstyle when you are in a hurry, or when you are simply having a bad hair day. Well, you can make the ponytail look far more appealing in a matter of seconds by simply camouflaging your regular hair tie with a piece of grosgrain or satin ribbon. If you want to go for a more girly vibe, you can also tie the ribbon strap into a flowy bow.

Ribbon hair band

Whether you choose to wear your hair straight or curly, you can make it seem like you have put more effort into styling it by adding a ribbon band. Part your hair the way you think flatters your features best, add the band of ribbon across your hair, and tie a small bow on the side you prefer.

If you’re tired of the same dull hairstyles, that seem to no longer compliment your looks as well as they used to, starting to accessorize your hairdo can be a great solution. Although not the most traditional option, ribbon can truly beautify your hairstyles, if you use it the right way. Give these few ideas a try, and you will most definitely love the results.