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Use organza bags for placing your things in order
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Use organza bags for placing your things in order

As a girl you always have so many accessories, you just do not know where to place them all, because there is no room left around the house. You have plenty of boxes, but you do not want to place you favourite earrings there, because you would forget about them, and you want to wear them as often as possible. So you have to find a way to keep them safe, but in the same time to have quick access to them. Well, you might have not thought about this option but organza bags are the perfect choice. They are small, transparent and they could be placed right in the basket you keep on your make-up table. Moreover, if you do not know what items you can place in organza bags here are some suggestions.

Do not lose your bobby pins again

As every girl, you might buy a lot of bobby pins, but when it comes to need one, you just cannot find it. This is because they are so small items, that if you let them on the table after you undo your hair, they might slip from the corner and hide in the carpet. So, you can store them in organza bags, and every time you need to use them, you will know exactly where they are placed. In addition, if you have different types of bobby pins, you can place them in organza bags coloured in different ways, and you can differentiate between them easier.

Organise your jewelleries

Jewelleries are expensive items, and if you loose ones of your earrings, you just cannot wear the other by itself. Therefore, you have to be careful when taking them off. Using jewellery boxes is not an option because they are quite big, and they occupy a lot of space, and where you count, that they are made from opaque fabrics, and you forget which one of them contains a certain pair of earrings or bracelet. Therefore, you should buy some organza bags and place your jewelleries there, because they not only that would be kept together, buy you would know where they are, without having to open the bags.

Organza bags are useful in many other purposes, because you can organise with their help many other small items, and use them when you need. And they would look nice and feminine on your make-up table, so you do not have to face anymore with that bulky boxes.