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Wearing a wig as a male – Things to consider

Many are surprised to find out that even males in their twenties experience balding. The phenomenon of premature balding is generated by genetic factors. If one’s father begun to lose hair in their 40s, chances for them to experience premature balding are increased. What might begin as a slight loss of hair on various areas of the scalp, by the age of 30, many experience severe balding. There have been raised dietary motives for this phenomenon, but regardless of what causes the unfortunate event, many males are affected by it. However, natural hair wigs like those manufactured and retailed at males around the world have less of a hard time dealing with this issue. But still, many are still afraid that such products might look unnatural and forced. In order to put a little light on this matter, we have some pieces on information below.

1. Only opt for products manufactured from natural human hair

While many claim they find off-putting a male wearing a wig, it is because they have never seen a male wearing a professionally manufactured human hair wig. Of course, there are products that look bad, but by selecting a manufacturer using high quality materials and great techniques. If you manage to find such a retailer, make sure they are able to customise their wigs accordingly to their client’s needs in terms of colour and style. While a full wig might not be ideal for many, a partial one might work wonders. For instance, if you experience balding at the top of your head, order one that will cover that particular area and that will beautifully blend in with the rest of your hairstyle.

2. You will have to adapt your hairstyle

And this shouldn’t be an issue, since the modern day hairstyles are more than fit for this purpose. Longer hair at the top of the head works wonders when you are dealing with wigs. Trim the natural hair as you normally would. If you choose a natural hair wig and you apply it correctly, the effect will be natural and the wig seamless.

3. Learn how to prepare you scalp and wig for application

There are a couple of steps one must follow in order to successfully apply their partial wig. First, they need to remove any trace of oil from their hairline or scalp by using a solution of alcohol. This step will allow a secure attachment of the wig on the hairline, which will make it look like their own hair. The second step consists of the application of adhesive glue on the desired area by using a small makeup brush. Depending if the glue is a soft bond or a hard bond adhesive, you can either apply it immediately or after the glue becomes tacky. Ultimately, place your beautiful hairpiece on place and attach it.

Here are a couple us useful information one could use if they plan to purchase a wig. Make sure you only order high quality products and care for them properly.