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Why attend wardrobe and image classes in 2018

While some people think that this type of class is not worth the investment, most people say that attending wardrobe and image classes is somehow life-changing in terms of fashion. Of course, at first you think that wardrobe and image classes cannot teach you many things, but in fact, you would be surprised at how many new and interesting things you will actually learn. In most cases, people who choose to attend wardrobe and image classes have a closet full of clothes and yet, nothing to wear. They often struggle with their wardrobe and when they need to get out of the house to run some errands, they choose to throw on a pair of yoga pants, a t-shirt, and they are good to go. Are you in the same boat? Well, the following will for sure help you decide whether or not you need a wardrobe consultant in 2018. And I am pretty sure your final conclusion will be positive.

You will learn about your body type and how to dress for your particular shape

In terms of body types, there are three main categories: endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. Of course, knowing your body type is not mandatory, but if you figure out your type, this can somehow be helpful when it comes to the way you dress because this is the key to looking great. Moreover, knowing into which category you fall can also make you spend less money when you are out shopping because you will for certain know what to buy and what not to buy. So, dressing for your particular shape will help you get rid of the “buying all the wrong clothes” habit. The result? You will end up spending your money exclusively on clothes that look best on you because you will be aware of the clothing cuts, styles, and lengths that suit you.


You do not have to be a celebrity in order to work with a wardrobe consultant

Most people have the opinion that you need to be stinking rich to hire a wardrobe consultant but how they are wrong! Of course, there may be some famous wardrobe consultants that only work with celebrities, but there are also a lot of affordable personal stylists, wardrobe consultants or image consultants that work with the “average” person. In other words, a wardrobe consultant will for sure sort and arrange your closet, as well as determine which clothing needs to be thrown away or donated to charity, so look for the best wardrobe consultants if you want to get rid of stuff in your closet.


You will end up with a minimalist wardrobe

After attending wardrobe and image classes, you will finally start to see that you have a lot of clothes and thus, you will have the feeling of “I only want to keep clothes I actually love and wear”. You will get rid of clothes that do not fit you right and you will eventually keep just the clothing pieces that fit you perfectly.